Fresh. Contemporary. Documentary.

Donna is a Rhode Island based photographer specializing in photojournalistic wedding and lifestyle photography.  With a caring, creative, personal approach, she creates breathtaking images that will make you smile, laugh, and re-live your wedding day and other important life events.

My love affair with photography began in high school, when I studied photography and graphic design. Later, I studied business and art education and had a family. But photography kept finding me—in fact, it was my concentration when I earned my Master’s degree in Art Ed.  I exhibited my photos locally and was soon asked to photograph a wedding. One wedding was all it took—I was head over heels for wedding photography!  

As an emotional, creative person, capturing the once-in-a-lifetime love I see at weddings is my dream come true. I become friends with my bridal clients as we work together to create their vision for this special day. Now, I’m thrilled to have these bridal clients coming back for birth, baby, and family portraits…it’s all part of this magical experience of life that I’m so lucky to have a part in capturing.  

 –Donna Caster, Caster Creations

Wedding Photography by Caster Creations Photography: Our Philosophy

Caster Creations documents those breathtaking moments of life where time seems to stop. Your wedding celebrates the once-in-a-lifetime love story that connects you and your partner, the beginning of a long history you’ll share. Just think – you’ll be showing your wedding pictures to your children and someday, your grandchildren!  I am honored that my clients entrust me with capturing these memories.

Wedding Photography Customized to Your Needs

. Every wedding is different, so I customize your wedding photography package to fit your needs. Whether you wish to document every moment of your big day and all the festivities (engagement, parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, etc.) leading up to it, or just have some special images of the ceremony as keepsakes in an album, my approach is to do what you need and what your event calls for.

Weddings are exciting and emotional, and as a professional photographer, I can help keep the process moving so you get exactly what you want for wedding portraits.  Or I can stay in the background–either way, I observe and anticipate the moments that you’ll want to remember from your special day.

Lifestyle Photography by Caster Creations: Our Philosophy

Caster Creations Photography documents the most important, emotional times of your life. My philosophy is simple: to help capture the moments of life, moments that only happen once, so you can relive them through images for the rest of your life. The birth and growth of your child will offer many such opportunities—real life moments you’ll want to treasure and share.

Maternity Portraits

The time before your baby’s birth is full of anticipation, getting ready for a tiny creature you already love more than anything. Celebrate your pregnancy with maternity portraits. Caster Creations Maternity Portraits usually take place outdoors or in the home, in locations that are meaningful to you and your family.  You can show your belly or just keep it simple with silhouettes—it’s entirely up to you!

Birth Photography

The long-awaited birth of your baby deserves more than a few blurry snapshots to remember it by! That’s why Caster Creations offers Birth Photography. I meet with you ahead of time to discuss the moments you wish to capture (and those you don’t), so you can be completely comfortable as the event unfolds.

At the birth, I am discreet and unobtrusive, allowing you to experience this miraculous event while I create a precious record of it. At the birth, Donna is discreet and unobtrusive, allowing you to experience this miraculous event while she creates a precious record of it.

Newborn Portraits

Your baby’s first hours will only happen once.  You don’t want to leave this special moment to chance—many hospitals no longer offer newborn portraits. Caster Creations can come to your hospital, birthing center or home to create a beautiful portrait of your child in the first 48 hours of his/her life. These high-quality portraits are perfect for birth announcements and scrapbooks.

Baby Portraits

Big, wondering eyes, tiny fingers and toes, soft downy, heads…nothing is sweeter than a baby! Let Caster Creations Photography catch the precious moments in your baby’s first weeks and months of life, from the moment of birth to those first wobbly steps.